Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 for Us+Resolutions

Happy New Year my friends!!

2016 was a weird one wasn't it?? Mostly good, some hard, but overall I'd give it an 8 out of 10. We moved to Virginia and then Texas for the summer, made a lot of new friends, started going to school together, and celebrated our first anniversary. I've mentioned it previously in this post, but 2016 was an amazing year for our marriage. I feel like we figured out each other's souls better, who we are/what we need/who we want to be. I'm sure that's a connection that grows and deepens with each passing year, but I'd say that was a defining feature of our 2016. That and me coloring my eyebrows every day (game changer). I was going through our pictures and reflecting on our adventures and thought hey might as well compile them! Here's a recap of (the highlights of) our 2016:
Moved to Virginia, learned what a "Food Lion" is and completed 2 semesters together (2 more to go!)
Weekend trips to Washington D.C, got to see the Cherry Blossom Festival in April
Celebrated our first anniversary in April with a high five, shopping and ice-cream
Tayler played his first season as a pitcher for SVU, I learned how to baseball (Feb-April)
Trip to Virginia Beach with SVU friends in May
Bahamas Cruise with Utah friends in May
Got free admission into Harry Potter World also in May-one of my life dreams!
Moved to San Antonio for the summer and loved every minute
Celebrated the  4th of July with our summer sales family
On July 18th it became legal for me to consume alcohol. I didn't. 
Backpacked overnight for the first time in August and discovered how gross dehydrated food is
I completed my 4th Half Marathon in October with a time of 1:40
Saw an east coast fall and started taking pictures for friends
Made Thanksgiving Dinner without help from moms and burnt nothing!
And drove from Utah to Virginia to Florida to Texas to Utah and back to Virginia again. Nice job Fiat.

Personal Plans/Goals for 2017

1. Run 1,000 miles aka 20 miles/week.
2. Blog every Monday.
3. Graduate with Bachelor's degree in December. 
4. Make videos for memory's sake.
5. Host a clothing swap.
6. Do more Zumba.
7. Find a new artist I love.
8. Write Chandler the missionary a GOOD email every Sunday. 
9. Do Gottman's Spouse Challenge. (an appreciation challenge found in this book)
10. Move back to Utah for the summer and save every penny.
11. Plan my outfits the night before. 
12. Spend more time in spiritual places. 

Just for fun, here's last years post about Our 2015

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