Thursday, May 12, 2016

Starting Summer at Virginia Beach

Happy month of May everyone! Little late on that, but I honestly feel like I blinked and we are already half way through it.  May has always been such an exciting time with school ending and summer starting, and adding finals and packing and moving on top of the mix has made it cruise by.

Our college friends Devyn and Colin invited us to stay at a beach house with them for a few days before we all split ways for summer, and we had zero problems with that:) It actually worked out perfectly because we are are very homeless at the moment. Haha long story short, we schedule a Bahamas anniversary cruise back in January but it doesn't leave until May 14th, so we had these ten odd days from when we had to be out of our apartment and when the cruise left. So it was definitely a blessing because it was only $42/per person!

It was also a gentle introduction to the sun because it was cloudy the majority of the time, and even then Tayler and I still got so sunburnt! Haha you can see it in some of the pictures, my neck/chest area is hurting. Also a blessing though, because I shudder to think what would have happened if we had approached the sunny Bahamas with the pale bodies we had.

We spent two nights and three days at Virginia Beach, and it was a perfect start to summer. We went to the beach, we played games, we made Sushi, we rented a bike, we ate a seafood buffet, and we took some great naps.

^^Can we all appreciate Devyn's hair please?? It's flawless.^^

 ^^Tayler singing "Near, far, where ever you are..." ^^
^^Me trying to control him^^

^^Tayler's favorite thing is threatening to toss me in^^

Yet somehow I still love him.

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