Sunday, November 6, 2016

As of Late

Happy November my friends! I hope you are doing well and enjoying this season properly with hot cocoa and slippers and all those pleasant things. Bring on those holidays!

Here's a little update on the happenings around here.

1-We got a new camera lens and Tayler is ecstatic. It's an automatic lens rather than a manual, and life is SO MUCH EASIER NOW. I'm grateful for the year we had with our $25 dollar, 50 year old, scavenged from eBay lens and all it taught us about ISO and aperture but whew. This automatic has been a lifesaver as we have been getting (and happily accepting!) more photo session requests.

2- Our newb status at work is finally diminishing. We're thankfully breaking out of that awkward new guy stage when you're training and pretty much a questioning nuisance. Our coworkers are great, the guests are nice, and the job isn't too stressful so we're happy! We feel very blessed that we are able to work together.

3- We are actually investing some money into house stuff. We've been married for a year and a half and I think we were both tired of mismatched furniture and hand me down whatevers. Previously it seemed pointless to go all Martha Stewart on our apartment because we'd only be there for a few months, but we really like our place now and plan on keeping it through next fall as well. When it's all finished I'll share a post on it!

4- The semester is ending and items on the syllabus are closer than they appear. It's crunch time. I'm relieved because this semester hasn't been my favorite (philosophy classes I'm looking at you). The only sad part about it is Tayler and I won't have any classes together next semester. Who's going to hold my hand in class now when they get cold?! No one that's who.

5-Our nursery class at church has grown to 18 toddlers. As in 10 plus 8 children under the age of 3.  You know what that means. A whole lot of goldfish, a whole lot of "please share"ing and a whole lot of way more fun than Sunday school.

6-I very recently-as in as I was typing this-learned that I've been singing the lyrics to Kenny Chesney's song "Forever" wrong. In my defense, I never knew that was the name of the song. But as we were jammng to early 2000's country hits I sang "I want to know how the rivvvver feels" and Tayler busted out laughing because apparently it's "I want to know how forevvvver feels." So I have that to live down for the next week/month/lifetime.

Happy November indeed;)

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