Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cruising in the Virgin Islands

St. Thomas at Sunset Couple

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you're having a great hump day!
Sunday night we got back from a cruise and we missed 7 days of school in the process, so it's been a flurry of unpacking and catching up on homework over here. I'm still not even close to being caught up (pray for me please;) but I needed a break so I thought a blog post was a worthy diversion. 

Remember how I spent this summer at the pool while my sweet husband worked away for a pest control company? Well his hard work gave me ANOTHER opportunity to live in a swimsuit! I know, what a guy. Tayler worked for EcoShield pest control and because he reached a sales goal we got to go on a free cruise with our friends to the Bahamas and Virgin Islands. And it. was. awesome. Just to illustrate the awesome, one day I ate 3 ice cream cones and a plate of fries for lunch. That's living.

We played at beaches, went snorkeling, surfed on a FloRider, consumed approximately 5 billion calories, reunited with our friends, and held Carley's cute baby every chance we could. One of my favorite parts (besides my daily bag of Doritos) was visiting a beach directly in front of an airport runway, and when the jet engines started everyone was blown back and bags went tumbling into the ocean. 
Airport Beach St. Martin Island Beach Goers
Snorkeling at St. Thomas Island Royal Caribbean CruiseHigh Waisted Floral Swimsuit Girl Beach
Happy Couple St. Thomas Beach Virgin Islands
This picture just cracks me up because Courtney and Brittany look so cute but all I can see are my tacky dad sunglasses holders:D  

3/4th length sleeve swimsuit
Floral and Striped Swimsuit Girl Beach Happy
We also got to see a blowhole which was cool but terrifying. We had one single guy in our company who was being a single guy and went WAY  too close to it and all of us wives went into a panic.  I mean c'mon have you not seen Fools Gold?! Haha but he survived so it ended up being a positive experience. 
Overall a great way to start our 2017 but a dangerous way to start our semester! Haha but we were grateful for the opportunity, so thanks a million EcoShield!! If anyone wants to join us in San Antonio this summer and go on a cruise next year, lemme know;)

Our talented friend Tyler of Volksen Media made a short video about the trip, so if you want to see the airport beach or me wipe out on FloRider click here or on the video image below!

On an unrelated note, for those of you who have been on cruises, what's your preferred cruise line? This was our first Royal Caribbean cruise and I can't decide if I liked it more than a Carnival cruise, what are your thoughts??

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