Sunday, April 17, 2016

How To Be A Baseball Wife

I never thought I'd say this but somehow, miraculously,  I have been converted to baseball. It is literally my favorite sport to watch. Growing up on a steady diet of soccer, I held onto the prejudice that baseball was a lazy sport that dragged on for an unnecessarily long period of time with little to no physical effort exerted. But after watching Tayler play a full season, I get it. I get why they call it America's favorite pastime. It's fantastic guys. You just have to watch at least 5 games straight, baptism by fire style, and then all the sudden it'll make sense to you and you'll actually enjoy the nine lengthy innings. You can tell which pitches are strikes and balls. You know what a balk is. You can see how exciting and volatile of a game it is.

With Tayler's season at Southern Virginia coming to a close, I thought I'd give a little recap in pictures of the experience and how I learned to be a baseball wife.
 Step 1: Have friends that are just as clueless as you so you don't feel bad. I have come to love these girls so much! Haha carpooling and road trips will do that to you. We are all newlyweds who didn't know anything about baseball until we got married, so it was fun to learn together. We were always asking each other what just happened and making up rules that made sense to us:)
Step 2: Look like you know what you're doing by having a scorebook. At one of Tayler's first games, one of the first baseball games I had ever watched, I noticed a girl sitting in front of me with a notebook. She was keeping track of every play and I remember thinking that she was the real deal. Tayler's mom sent me the score book she used to keep for him in high school and when they came up to visit last month she taught me how to use it. I'm not positive I'm doing it right, but it's nice that Tayler's a pitcher because it's easy to gauge his progress. Sometimes I just count how many times he throws the ball and apparently that's a valuable statistic so I feel like a good wife saying things like, "76 pitches today, nice work babe!'

Step 3: Even if you don't know baseball and clap at the wrong time, it's the fact that you're there to support him that matters. Good game or bad game, Tayler would always come out of the dugout to thank me for coming. Haha like I had anywhere else to be, but it showed me how much it meant to him.

Baseball has taken us to Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, North Carolina and Pennsylvania in these past three months. I've improved my east coast driving and he's had the chance to play the game he loves. We've discovered that dryer sheets belong in baseball shoes and fruit roll ups are still a fantastic post-game snack. We have met some wonderful people and formed friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime! It's been a wonderful season, but I'm so excited for all the free time we'll have together now. Until next year CAC.


  1. This is the cutest post I have ever seen in my life I LOVE YOU!

  2. That score book does look impressive! Dryer sheets in stinky shoes, I'll definitely be using that in basketball shoes...good tip! You guys look so cute, I love reading about your experiences!