Thursday, May 26, 2016

Touring Georgia+Harry Potter World!

Just after our Virginia Beach vacation and just before our cruise, we had two days with nothing to do. So, we dawdled around in Savannah, Georgia, looked at the legendary Spanish moss hanging from the tree branches and walked along the riverwalk.

And when I saw a candy shop, there was no stopping me. Anybody else have a sweet tooth that can't be tamed?

The next day we had the wonderful fortune of going to Harry Potter World. A friend of a friend works there, and he gave us two of his family passes so we could get in free. Thank the heavens, because who has $300 to drop for one day at a theme park? Not us that’s fo sho;)
 Harry Potter has always been and will always be my favorite series. I vividly remember picking up my first Harry Potter book at age 8, laying down on the couch with it, and not looking up till it was dark and my eyes were strained. I remember looking over to the kitchen to see my mom putting away the dinner dishes and telling me that I’d missed dinner since I hadn’t heard her when she called me. I’ve got so much useless trivia facts in my head that it was a dream to finally go to Harry Potter world and see all the facts come to life. This was Tayler’s third time there so he was content with letting me dictate where we went and how we spent our time, which was wonderful. Okay he always let’s me do that. But I definitely found more pleasure wandering through Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley than going on rides. We didn't bring our camera, so I apologize for the quality of photos!

We tried ever variation of Butterbeer they had-normal, frozen, ice-cream-and they were all glorious. Even Pumpkin Juice somehow made it into our hands! Haha I think we spent $40 on beverages, but we justified it because our entry was free.

The heat and humidity was BRUTAL so at the end of the day we decided to go on all the wet rides. Tayler was a champ and sat in front of me, acting as a marvelous human shield, absorbing all the big splashes for me. Here's a little video from my Snapchat (username ceejaycee11-I know it doesn't make sense now, but it used to be my initials) right after we hopped off. Thanks babe. 

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