Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Shopping for Cheap Swimsuits: Romwe Review

Of all the clothing items to buy, swimsuits are my favorite. I blame my swimsuit obsession on my childhood, because when we grew up my mom bought us each one swimsuit that we used until it became transparent.  Seriously I had the same bumblebee swimsuit that I despised for like three years. So now, I like to have my options and I like to expand those options frequently;)

I’ve been seeing tons of advertisements with super cute flatlays of swimsuits from questionable websites, so I decided to take the bait and try one out. I bought these two swimsuits from Romwe.com. The reviews I read were completely mixed, some people saying their order never showed up and some saying that they absolutely loved what they got. So I placed my order and prayed to the Chinese manufacturers that I would be one of the lucky ones.

Three weeks later, my package did show up! Overall I like them and will wear them, but there were definitely some pros and cons.
Romwe Review Swimsuit Positive and Negative
Romwe Swimsuit Review Albion Fit Inspired
Romwe Swimsuit Review
Romwe Swimsuit Review Pros and Cons
The price ($12 and $15)
The thickness of the leaf bikini
Comes as a set
Tracking number provided
Product was the same as the picture

Inconsistent sizing: the leaf print swimsuit was a medium and fit like a small, the striped swimsuit was a medium and fit like a large. (You can see how the top bunches up on me in the pictures.) Apparently they have different sizing for each product which I didn’t realize.
Unlined bottoms for the striped swimsuit
Unable to order a different size for top and bottom

Overall, I would use this site again but pay more attention to the individual measurements of the product. I love having a wide variety of swimsuits but I also get tired of them quickly, so it makes sense to me to purchase a cheaper, but trendy swimsuit that may only last a season.

Hope this helped, and good luck on your swimsuit buying adventures!

Green Leaf Print Swimsuit here
Striped and Leaf Print Swimsuit n/a, similar here


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