Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving for Two

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of food and family and friends!

One thing I love about this little blog is the ability to easily look back and see exactly where we were last year at this time. (Here's a look at our last Thanksgiving here.) It's crazy the changes that can happen in a year-we lived in Utah, my hair was short, and family was 10 minutes away. This year's Thanksgiving was a little different, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.
 We had a little Thanksgiving at our house, just the two of us! And it turned out ten times better than I expected! (I have to admit my expectations weren't very high because my cooking level is just a tad over Eazy Bake Oven.)  I really wanted to make it seem like Thanksgiving instead of just a normal meal, so with Tayler's help we made a large dinner with all of our favorite Thanksgiving things: ham, sweet potatoes, rolls, glazed carrots, a cranberry and ginger ale drink and pumpkin pie. We set up a fancy tablescape and even made name tags, and then I changed from my cooking clothes to my eating clothes! Because high waisted jeans on Thanksgiving are painful, I've tried that before;)

 I was worried we might not have enough food, but we have so many leftovers I don't know how we'll get to them all! It was so cute and memorable, but there's definitely nothing quite like being surrounded by family, so I hope you all enjoyed that. After we finished eating we stepped outside our apartment to take a few pictures, because who knows where will be next year!
^^The neighbors had their broom propped up against the wall so Tayler seized the opportunity^^
Does anyone know what blue steel means because whenever Tayler says it our pictures look like this
Thanks for stopping by, good luck with your Christmas shopping and happy holidays!! 

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  1. What a cute Thanksgiving! �� All you need is your better half, and it will always be just right.