Thursday, December 31, 2015

Our 2015

Its safe to say that 2015 has been my favorite year yet. I crossed off some big life to-dos, I turned 20, I learned that Tayler has been pronouncing a laundry hamper as hampster his whole life.

-We bought our first car together in February
-I received my endowment in the Provo Temple
-We got married in April! My favorite event of the year. And my life.
-We traveled to Europe, Florida, Virginia
-I cooked a grand total of maybe seven dinners. (I honestly don't know what we've been eating.)
-We welcomed three new nieces and nephews to the world
-I ran my third half marathon
-Tayler was recruited to play baseball for Southern Virginia University
-We decided to move to Virginia

It's been a year of firsts with my cute hubby, and I'm grateful for every second, good and bad. I know I've grown more this year than ever before, and I know that marriage has been the perfect situation for me to learn and grow. 

People often refer to their first year of marriage as the "good old days," but I've found that people apply that phrase generously in hindsight. Oh kindergarten and snacks? Those were the good old days. Middle school when we all had Aeropostale shirts and Instagram didn't exist? Those were the good old days. Being a college freshmen and staying up til 4am? Those were the good old days. And later on as marriage happens and families form and grow...when our kids were all little? Those were the good old days. We look back on every time of our lives, and with a grateful heart we remember the good. We've got to realize that these days we are living are those days; that we live in the days that will become our "good old days."

I know I'll always look back on 2015 with a happy smile, but I'm know that life will continue to get better. And I'm ecstatic to see where 2016 takes us. Happy new year wonderful people:) I hope it's your best year yet.

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