Friday, June 10, 2016

The Life of A Summer Sales Wife

 Summer Sales. The pest control, the satellites, the alarms, the sweat, the discouragement and the never ending days. Hard working college kids trying to pay for next year's tuition by selling their souls door-to-door in the hopes that their work will reap some benefit a few months down the road with the mystical "back-end check."

Beyond the stereotypes of the Provo All Star, I don't know much about the life of a summer salesman. We are new to this culture, but I do know my husband leaves in the morning, comes home at night, tells me a number usually between 1-3 representing how many sells he got, and then we watch a movie together and fall asleep and start the whole process over the next day. Beyond that my knowledge falters.
 But what I do know about is the Life of the Wife of Summer Salesman. And what a life it is.summer-sales-cute-guy

The morning starts bright and late, because your husband can't start knocking doors until at least 10am and you don't want to waste any precious time with him, so you sleep in and snuggle until the clock strikes 10.

He leaves after a few healthy kisses, and you look around at the empty apartment and ask "What should I do with my life today apartment?!" You do your best to mentally compose a productive To-Do list for the next 12 hours, dragging out little tasks to make them sound bigger as if they'll actually amount to more than half an hour of your day. Check the a load of laundry...

But in all honesty, you have three real options for your day. Option 1-Watch Netflix. Option 2-Read by/in the pool. Option 3- Converse with other wives and see if they want to go shopping or get a pedicure.  I know, the adult choices we have to make in life can be so brutal.

You make your choice and live your life accordingly, and in the midst of your indulging you occasionally humor thoughts like I should work out after this and I should bake some cookies to surprise husband when he gets home, but 90% of the time you don't.

In the off chance that someone knocks on the door while you're Netflix binging, you keep a pair of leggings hidden somewhere in the living room because you are most likely pant-less.

The day passes and suddenly you look at the clock and it's 7pm. You decide to watch just one more episode before you start doing all the things you meant to do today. The next time you look at your phone it's 8, the house is still a mess, and your husband will be home in an hour. You jump up, turn off the TV and in a whirlwind of motion you throw in a load of laundry while pushing a vacuum, tidying the living room and loading the dishwasher.

When your husband comes home you listen to him sympathetically while he recounts the story of the lady who made him listen to grandkid stories for an hour and then didn't buy, and the guy who growled him off the porch. You watch him as he checks the company app, comparing his numbers to everyone else's because Summer Sales is basically the perfect storm for male egos with competitions, numbers and rankings.

As you reminisce about your day you feel minorly guilty that your husband was sweating and working all day long while you lounged around the apartment complex... but ultimately summer is only three months long. So you cherish these lazy days, thank your husband frequently, and realize that it will all be over before you know it.

So keep lathering on that sunscreen and adding to your Netlix Recently Watched list, my fellow sales wives- we've only got a couple months left;)


In all seriousness, I'd love to hear what other sales wives do to "keep busy" during the summer! Feel free to comment below, I'm open to any and all ideas!

P.S. Sometimes when I'm taking pictures of Tayler for the blog he goes all GQ on me and starts posing so that I won't post pictures of him...jokes on you babe! This was a tamer one, the other ones I was laughing too hard it shook the camera. ;)


  1. Love this! I totally laughed out loud several times! The only difference is we're in AZ selling. I stay busy grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, watching fixer know how it goes. At night I've been entering the contracts into the computer for his company. I totally wish you were closer so we could be salesmans wives together!

  2. i'm so glad you liked i McCall! I didn't know you guys were in Arizona, that's so fun! But so hot, go Conner! Fixer upper for the win, we are actually only a few hours from Waco so I want to go so so bad!! That's awesome that you're actually part of the company, I wish I had something to do that was a little more worthwhile:) That would be so perfect if we were closer!!! Maybe next summer;)


  4. This is so accurate! Thanks for sharing. ☺

    1. Thank you so much Julie, haha I'm glad you can relate! Thanks for reading!! :)

  5. This is so accurate! Thanks for sharing. ☺

  6. Being a summer sales wife with two small children is certainly no "lazy days of summer." The summer is absolute hell. He works. sweats. Has doors closed in his face. Doors opened. Is rejected. makes a few sales. While I run our family all day. all meals, all naps, all sicky kids. all grocery shopping. all bedtime. all bathtime. all laundry. all cleaning. 6 days a week....(usually 7 because on Sundays the poor man is just dead.) Once you have are no longer a summer sales become a summer sales widow. Maybe with all the free time you have, you could help out another woman who's husband is in your office that has children. Its absolute hell for them. Sadly, sometimes there are no other options. Good luck trying to find things to do all day long must be pretty boring and lonesome. At least you can catch up on your sleep , right? Due to sick kids, and being sick myself, I haven't been able to sleep for more than an hour at a time for about a week. But I still have to get up and get moving. There is absolutely no support. Good luck with everything. Sorry if i sound bitter- Its been a long road. Yeah the money is great, but is it worth being a single parent over....i don't know.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that it's so hard for you! I can't imagine having two kids while your husband is gone for 12 hours a day, I'm sure that's exhausting. We have a group of 6 wives here but we are all recently married so there's no kids yet, although one wife is due next week so we are all waiting to play with and spoil that baby girl!! If you're in San Antonio by chance I would love to help you out, please let me know if you are.
      I hope your kids get better soon and you find some relief! Good luck with everything and hopefully this will be your last sales summer!

  7. I struggle when I don't keep myself busy! When my husband is doing sales I am taking online classes or working a seasonal job.