Monday, October 12, 2020

Oliver's 2nd Birthday


Happy 2nd Birthday to our Oliver! We celebrated his birthday with a little backyard get together at my in-laws since our house isn't quite finished yet. It was a beautiful fall day with perfect weather. We had the Itsy Bitsy Adventure set up as well as his Little Tikes playground, and the cousins and friends had a great time. We also had a little "chicken" egg hunt (it was a subtle farm theme) and finished the night off with some presents and cake. The highlights for Oliver were his friends, the goldfish in the Easter eggs, rolling down the hill with Dad, the Mickey Mouse number puzzle he got, and learning how to blow out his candles. 

I can't believe he's already 2! 2 seems like a big step, officially into toddlerhood. His opinions and determination are getting very strong. Its his greatest strength and weakness. We do our best to mediate and avoid tantrums but when this boy loses it, he loses it big time. This happened at his 2 year old wellness check and he screamed the whole time causing the pediatrician to say, "Ya he's a feisty one. He'd be hard for anyone to parent." Haha I felt SEEN. I know it's part of his development though so I don't stress about it too much, except when we are in public places and he flops himself down on the gross floor. It seems like every day he learns something new, and he's been surprising us with 3 word sentences like, "where'd it go?" and "I got it." 

He's very much a mama's boy and we are all a little worried to see how he adjusts in a couple months when baby sister arrives, but he's also very sweet and insistent on making sure everyone is included so maybe that side will come out. We will see! 

Happy #2 Oliver, you are wonderful and we are lucky to be in your family. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

It's a GIRL


I'm THRILLED to announce that we are having a baby girl! We found out at our anatomy scan on August 11th and we couldn't be more excited. Although you're not supposed to say, Tayler and I were both really hoping she was a girl. Baby girl was an angel during the ultrasound, laying laterally in my stomach (so horizontally) which made the whole experience very easy. Oliver had been face down, smashed at the bottom of my pelvis so his ultrasound was a lot of pushing and prodding and even ended up with me throwing up. Needless to say this experience was much smoother! Hopefully she does move head down in the coming weeks though.

Baby girl is healthy, which is the biggest relief! I'm so grateful. There were a couple issues with my placenta though that I've been trying not to stress about. My placenta is low and if it stays in the same place it could prevent a vaginal delivery, which would squash my hopes of a home birth. However it most cases as the uterus expands the placenta moves up as well. And then there were "venous lakes" within the placenta, which are essentially pools of blood. Usually they're not a problem, but in some rare cases they can be. I have a follow up appointment in a few weeks to make sure everything is okay. For now I'm trying to not stress and I take comfort in every little kick. I'm also consoling myself with shopping for baby girl clothes because DANG they are cute. 

Orchards + Apple Cider Donuts

Rowley's Red Barn has been on my Bucket List since 2012, and we FINALLY made it this year! We stopped by mainly for a gallon of Apple Cider and apple cider donuts, but ran around the orchards for a bit too. I've been taking the big camera with us more on our outings and even though it's a pain hauling it around, I'm always grateful for the pictures.

(Also for the memories, I am 25 weeks pregnant)