Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Family Pictures? Just Grab Your Neighbor!

I really wanted to get family photos done before Ollie turned one to capture him in his full, babyhood glory. I scheduled out a photographer, but while we were waiting to get our photos back we went to the mountains with our next door neighbors and snapped a few of each other! I love how they turned out. This stage of life is BEAUTIFUL.


Me: 24, very happy. Finally feel comfortable in all my life roles (mom, wife, individual.) About to quit my job soon! I currently work for Brickyard Buffalo coordinating their sales calendar, posting on social media, and creating emails for our subscribers. It's been fun and I've loved my coworkers and my jobs, but it's taking more time than I'm willing to give. I work 25-30 hours a week currently, so I'm excited to dedicate that time to growing my new company Itsy Bitsy Adventures (a soft play party rental for 1-2 year olds, you can see the Instagram here), reading books, napping when I'm tired, and improving my talents! Recently I've started making cakes and I really enjoy it. Maybe I'll even start making dinner at night, who knows! My biggest goal with my extra time is to have a clean house because that has been my LAST priority since Oliver was born.

Oliver: Officially a one year old now. His walking is improving and he sways a lot less, but he still hasn't mastered standing up without pulling up on something. That also means he's not great at stopping because he doesn't know how to sit down slowly. The other day he stranded himself in the middle of the entryway and started panicking because he couldn't see anything to walk to so he just kept walking. Baby boy needs to learn how to stop haha. He can say mama, dada, dog, more, bye bye and boo #octoberbaby.

Tayler: 27. Happy with his current job which is expanding as the clinic he's working for expands. He also got a job offer from the travel agency we were working with to book tickets for our anniversary trip because he kept finding cheaper flights than they could find. I encouraged him to take it haha but he was more flattered than interested.

Overall we are very happy with where we are at in life right now and we are excited for the upcoming holidays!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

One Year of Oliver

             365 days of our bestest boy! What a sweet day it was celebrating him. I'll write up a birthday post later, but first a 12 month update. 

             It's been an especially fun month. We've stayed home a lot and did our best to soak in Oliver's last month of babyhood. Babies are always changing, but the past few weeks have been more disorienting than usual. He's evolving from my little baby to my little buddy. I was unloading the dishwasher and instead of just pulling the silverware out and throwing it on the floor, he would hand it to me to put away. For the first time, I've been able to leave the room (like 3 minutes tops haha) and come back to find him preoccupied with toys, not even noticing my absence. I think Tayler and I have said "He's getting so big" to each other at least 100 times this month. I'm so excited to see him change and meet the person he is as he grows and can communicate more, but man that went quickly. I'll always miss that baby phase, with sweet, chubby Ollie and me in my exhausted but happy new mom glory.  

             The biggest change this month was cognitively. Something clicked for Oliver and he realized that he can communicate his wants with us which has made him such a happier baby! He mainly points and uses the word "more" to let us know what he's thinking. He now has 8 teeth and takes two naps a day, usually 9-10:30am and 2-3:00pm. 

Walking! Like a drunken sailor but still!
Eating toilet paper and wipes???
Saying "More" instead of just signing it.

His Favorites:
BOOKS. He could read books with me all day long. I bet we spend 1-2 hours a day reading because as soon as I finish he says, "Mo mo mo."
The Ball Pit
His friend Kallan
High Fives
Crawling through tunnels
The wind in his face
Being outside. We usually spend part of the morning outside, playing in the garden dirt or crawling around on the cement inspecting leaves and rocks.
Words: mama, dada, more
Food: strawberries, peanut butter toast, baby cheetos

Our Favorites:
Feeding him his morning bottle. He wakes up between 6:20-7am so I just bring him into bed with us for his first feeding, and that's my one opportunity to cuddle with an otherwise busy baby.
His love of books, even though it gets redundant sometimes
Going on hikes as a family! Ollie is so good in his pack
His jabbers. The noise all comes from the back of his throat so he barely moves his mouth and it sounds like gleeglalaawifjlfgggdjoewjfgggg

New Adventures:
Ollie's First Time at the State Fair!

We love you Oliver Twist!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Eleven Months of Oliver

(I wrote this post September 2nd, but lost the photo until now)

Ah my heart. Excuse me while I type through tears and the realization that the next post will most likely be Oliver's first birthday post. Wow wow. But onto his 11 month recap!

Took a step from dad to mom
Stands by himself when he's distracted
Started saying Dada, bird, dog, and hi
Signs "All Done" when he's finished in his high chair

His Favorites:
Unplugging things
Putting his blocks in their corresponding holes
Making messes (to the tune of Fiddler on the Roof's Matchmaker, we sing "Mess Maker Mess Maker make me a mess"
The Five Little Ducks by Simple Learning Songs on Youtube. Not sure if he loves it so much because it's his one and only screen time experience a week or if he just really loves the song.
Climbing. On us when we are sitting down, up the stairs, onto the couch, coffee table, really anywhere.
Dog dog dogs.
Peanut butter toast, peaches and baby cheetos. So healthy.

Our Favorites:
How he whispers and points whenever he is bird watching
His fake laugh
His casual, shy cuddle. He will back up until he's touching you and then bring his hands in front of his chest and look down and it is SO ADORABLE.
How he stands by our bedroom window in the morning which is just at the level that he can peek out and points at everything that moves.

He is so special. We love how shy he is, how curious, how loving. Even after nearly a year of raising him it's still hard to believe he's ours! We are so lucky.