Thursday, January 2, 2020

2019: Year in Review

What a special year! This was our first full year of parenting, watching Ollie grow from a 3 month old into a 15 month old. Looking over my journal from last year, my main goal was to slow down, take it in and be patient with myself and my baby. I can honestly say that I accomplished that goal! I have been surprised at how (dare I say) GOOD I am at mothering this way. Of course I still get stressed out when he's screaming at me in his carseat, but I have a very clear perspective that he doesn't understand things and it's my job to be a patient and loving teacher.

Tangible goals for 2019 were:
Save $1500 for our 5th anniversary in 2020 -  CHECK
Run a half marathon - not check (this year dang it!)
Read 3 parenting books - CHECK
No phone while nursing - CHECK
Go Camping - CHECK
Buy something from a small Utah business each month - not check (maybe 7/12)

And now onto the highlights!

Ollie's Baby Blessing - March
Worked on the CAMPER VAN! We bought it late 2018 but didn't start renovations until early spring.
Ollie learned to sit - 5 months - March
Camper Van trips to Capitol Reef, Zion's, Bryce Canyon, Snow Canyon - Spring & Summer
 Oliver's First Easter - April
 My First Mother's Day - May - 7 months
 Frequented Splash Pads
 Went on LOTS AND LOTS of hikes together!

Ollie (7 months) modeled for my favorite small business, Knotted Cloth
 Our best friends lived next door (literally, shared a wall with us) and we played together almost every day
 Ollie learned to crawl, walk and talk
Lots of early mornings (what is sleeping in?)
 Trip to Glacier National Park for my brother's wedding, which we also got to photograph!
Spent every morning we could outside
Celebrated Ollie's First Birthday in October
First Halloween as a family of three! Peter Pan, Wendy and Captain Hook.
It was a year of watching our baby go from a wobbly neck newborn to a running and talking toddler. It was a year of being on a totally different page than Tayler (shout out to parenting for throwing off our groove), and then through a lot of honest conversations getting back on track. It was a year of sleep deprivation, diapers, microwave meals, and repainting. I wouldn't change a thing and I'm so grateful for these two boys in my life and the days, months and years that I get to spend with them.

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