Thursday, January 2, 2020

December 2019

I've been struggling lately to figure out how I want to document our family. I have a personal journal and a daily journal, I use Instagram and Chatbooks, Oliver has a baby book and then I have this blog. It feels like a lot of what I say is repetitive and I've recorded everything elsewhere at least once. Maybe it's a safeguard because so much of it is digital and feels fleeting? It's something I'd like to figure out and designate a little clearer, but for now here is a photo dump of our December adventures!

December 1st: New Christmas Pajamas to wear throughout December!
Christmas Shopping on Black Friday during the first big snowstorm
Lights at Temple Square with Mom & Dad Crook
Festival of Lights drive through. Shocked to be out of the carseat
Peterson Christmas Party
 Christmas Eve Dinner at Denny's
 Christmas Day!

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