Wednesday, October 9, 2019

One Year of Oliver

             365 days of our bestest boy! What a sweet day it was celebrating him. I'll write up a birthday post later, but first a 12 month update. 

             It's been an especially fun month. We've stayed home a lot and did our best to soak in Oliver's last month of babyhood. Babies are always changing, but the past few weeks have been more disorienting than usual. He's evolving from my little baby to my little buddy. I was unloading the dishwasher and instead of just pulling the silverware out and throwing it on the floor, he would hand it to me to put away. For the first time, I've been able to leave the room (like 3 minutes tops haha) and come back to find him preoccupied with toys, not even noticing my absence. I think Tayler and I have said "He's getting so big" to each other at least 100 times this month. I'm so excited to see him change and meet the person he is as he grows and can communicate more, but man that went quickly. I'll always miss that baby phase, with sweet, chubby Ollie and me in my exhausted but happy new mom glory.  

             The biggest change this month was cognitively. Something clicked for Oliver and he realized that he can communicate his wants with us which has made him such a happier baby! He mainly points and uses the word "more" to let us know what he's thinking. He now has 8 teeth and takes two naps a day, usually 9-10:30am and 2-3:00pm. 

Walking! Like a drunken sailor but still!
Eating toilet paper and wipes???
Saying "More" instead of just signing it.

His Favorites:
BOOKS. He could read books with me all day long. I bet we spend 1-2 hours a day reading because as soon as I finish he says, "Mo mo mo."
The Ball Pit
His friend Kallan
High Fives
Crawling through tunnels
The wind in his face
Being outside. We usually spend part of the morning outside, playing in the garden dirt or crawling around on the cement inspecting leaves and rocks.
Words: mama, dada, more
Food: strawberries, peanut butter toast, baby cheetos

Our Favorites:
Feeding him his morning bottle. He wakes up between 6:20-7am so I just bring him into bed with us for his first feeding, and that's my one opportunity to cuddle with an otherwise busy baby.
His love of books, even though it gets redundant sometimes
Going on hikes as a family! Ollie is so good in his pack
His jabbers. The noise all comes from the back of his throat so he barely moves his mouth and it sounds like gleeglalaawifjlfgggdjoewjfgggg

New Adventures:
Ollie's First Time at the State Fair!

We love you Oliver Twist!

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