Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Family Pictures? Just Grab Your Neighbor!

I really wanted to get family photos done before Ollie turned one to capture him in his full, babyhood glory. I scheduled out a photographer, but while we were waiting to get our photos back we went to the mountains with our next door neighbors and snapped a few of each other! I love how they turned out. This stage of life is BEAUTIFUL.


Me: 24, very happy. Finally feeling comfortable in all my life roles (mom, wife, individual.) After a lot of thought, I've decided to turn in my notice at work and my last day is November 10th. I currently work for Brickyard Buffalo coordinating their sales calendar, posting on social media, and creating emails for our subscribers. It's been fun and I've loved my coworkers and my jobs, but it's taking more time than I'm willing to give. I work 25-30 hours a week currently, so I'm excited to dedicate that time to growing my new company Itsy Bitsy Adventures (a soft play party rental for 1-2 year olds, you can see the Instagram here), reading books, napping when I'm tired, and working on my hobbies. Recently I've started making cakes and I really enjoy it. Maybe I'll even start making dinner at night, who knows? My biggest goal with my extra time is to have a clean house because that has been my LAST priority since Oliver was born.

Oliver: Officially a one year old now. His walking is improving and he sways a lot less, but he still hasn't mastered standing up without pulling up on something. That also means he's not great at stopping because he doesn't know how to sit down slowly. The other day he stranded himself in the middle of the entryway and started panicking because he couldn't see anything to walk to so he just kept walking. Baby boy needs to learn how to stop haha. He can say mama, dada, dog, more, bye bye and boo #octoberbaby.

Tayler: 27. Happy with his current job which is expanding as the clinic he's working for expands. He also got a job offer from a travel agency! We've got a trip planned in April and he called an agency to help with the tickets, but he continuously found cheaper tickets than they found so they offered him a part time job! I encouraged him to take it haha but he was more flattered than interested.

Overall we are very happy with where we are at in life right now and we are excited for the upcoming holidays!


  1. These pics turned out SO CUTE. �� AND Tayler sounds like Dad, haha. Finding the cheapest flights and hotels out there.

    1. Thanks Stevie!! I think they're my favorite to date too. and YES. I think Dad is the one who told Tayler about Priceline and now we can never just book a hotel like a normal person! ;D