Sunday, October 6, 2019

Eleven Months of Oliver

(I wrote this post September 2nd, but lost the photo until now)

Ah my heart. Excuse me while I type through tears and the realization that the next post will most likely be Oliver's first birthday post. Wow wow. But onto his 11 month recap!

Took a step from dad to mom
Stands by himself when he's distracted
Started saying Dada, bird, dog, and hi
Signs "All Done" when he's finished in his high chair

His Favorites:
Unplugging things
Putting his blocks in their corresponding holes
Making messes (to the tune of Fiddler on the Roof's Matchmaker, we sing "Mess Maker Mess Maker make me a mess"
The Five Little Ducks by Simple Learning Songs on Youtube. Not sure if he loves it so much because it's his one and only screen time experience a week or if he just really loves the song.
Climbing. On us when we are sitting down, up the stairs, onto the couch, coffee table, really anywhere.
Dog dog dogs.
Peanut butter toast, peaches and baby cheetos. So healthy.

Our Favorites:
How he whispers and points whenever he is bird watching
His fake laugh
His casual, shy cuddle. He will back up until he's touching you and then bring his hands in front of his chest and look down and it is SO ADORABLE.
How he stands by our bedroom window in the morning which is just at the level that he can peek out and points at everything that moves.

He is so special. We love how shy he is, how curious, how loving. Even after nearly a year of raising him it's still hard to believe he's ours! We are so lucky.

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