Sunday, August 18, 2019

Ten Months of Oliver


New Developments:
Third and fourth teeth came in!
Sleeping MUCH BETTER after sleep training round 2 (only wakes up once when he was waking up 3-4 times)
Mastered standing up and sitting down
Caught him standing unassisted a couple times when he wasn't thinking about it
Glacier National Park for Uncle Chase's Wedding
First time outside the U.S (Waterton, Canada)
Learned how to point
Coslept with Mom & Dad in the camper van and loved it
Peterson Reunion at family cabin

His Favorites:
Climbing up the stairs
Playing fetch with himself
Watching the landscapers from the front window on Thursdays
Playing with (aka taking toys from) his friend Kallan
Drinking from his water bottle
Going outside
Swinging in his new swing
Playing Peekaboo

Our Favorites:
When we say "Good Job" he will clap for himself
Scrunches his face when he knows he's being funny
Going to Costco together and sharing samples
His Dustin (Stranger Things) teeth
How he imitates the sounds we make

He fills our days and keeps us busy, and we are so grateful for him. We've got a great schedule going where I'm able to work during his 2 naps and stop whenever he wakes up.  I was walking through the baby aisle yesterday at Wal-Mart to pick up some yogurt melts, and it was weird to realize that most of the stuff in those aisles doesn't apply to him anymore. He's on his way out of the baby stage and I'm trying to celebrate it rather than mourn it but MAN. 10 months is such a brief time for so much change!

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  1. Plays fetch with himself.....I'm dying! I adore that little munchkin!