Friday, July 19, 2019

9 Months of Oliver

This month's big developments were his ability to pull himself up, crawl very quickly, and the appearance of his second tooth. We ventured out quite a bit more this past month which was really fun, going to the splash pad, rec center, and a few hikes with friends. Anywhere we go people comment on his pretty blue eyes. He's now 20lbs and 29" tall with a head in the 90th percentile, cute boy. 

Splash Pad - he did so good! We were both surprised at how adventurous he was
Hike in the big carrier
Swimming Pool
Trip to Bryce Canyon & Zion's National Park

His Favorite Things:
Playing soccer with mom's decorative ball
Walking all around the house assisted
Those little springy door stoppers
Playing Catch and Peek A Boo
Riding on Tayler's shoulders

Our Favorite Things about Him:
How he likes to "share" drinks. AKA you take a drink, then you hold your drink up to his lips so he can briefly suck on the rim, then it's your turn again.
How thick his hair is getting. Tayler likes to give him comb overs when I'm not looking.
How he scrunches his face when he's angry.
He was slightly snuggly this month which was massive progress. He's such a busy body, but this month he started resting his head on my shoulder for 2 seconds after I grab him from his naps.

People always say babies just get more and more fun and we are finding out how true that is! We love you Oliver!

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