Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Two Months of Oliver

A month of feeling slightly more confident about this parenting thing! Still getting used to referring to myself as mom and Tayler as dad, but we have no shortage of names for Oliver (i.e. sweetheart, babycakes, sweetness, cuteness, believe me I'm gagging too but it just comes out). It's been fun to get to know him better this month and see his little temperament come through. He is our little sunshine boy.

This month we watched our little guy grow out of his newborness:( Talk about conflicting emotions! So excited to watch him grow but so wanting to cradle him on my chest and hold his tiny hands forever. He now weighs 12 pounds 6 ounces and is 22 inches long. Baby boy is SMILING now and it melts my heart every time. 

Things we are loving: his little coos, his spastic hand motions, how he just lays on the tummy time mat face down and is content, his Cha Cha hands when he goes to sleep, his smiles, how he loves falling asleep on your chest.

Things he is loving: mornings, the Christmas tree, eating, all music, his "friends" aka the little animals in his mobile, pats on the back or bum, sitting up in his Boppy.

He has definitely been more vocal this month, but he is a good baby and quiets down as soon as I pick him up. I'm so grateful that nursing is still working great for us, and the little champ takes a binky and a bottle with no complaint. 

It's funny because right before Ollie was born, Tayler and I confided in each other that we weren't super excited for the tiny baby stage because babies don't do much months 1-4. But I think this may be my favorite stage! Oliver is my little angel baby, always up for snuggling, easily pleased, lays on the bed next to me for hours while I work, and is so incredibly adorable. My heart hurts just thinking about him getting bigger and busier, but I'm sure I'll love each stage as we come to it.

We love you Oliver boy, it's been so special getting to know you better this month. 

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