Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Three Months of Oliver

Oh this sweet baby! I'm holding him now as he naps and typing one handed and I still can't believe he is ours! What a privilege it is to be a parent.

A quick update: Oliver is three months old today and 14.5 pounds. We are officially squishing him into his 0-3 months pajamas and need to upgrade ASAP. October babies sure know how to party, there's been a major holiday every month since he was born and he's been awesome with all the road trips and relatives. 

All the sudden he is so observant and aware of things. He's realized that the world is an exciting place so it's been a struggle to nurse him and put him down for naps because he's so intrigued by his surroundings. His neck is getting stronger and he can hold it up for about a minute before he gets too tired and his head flops back down to rest on his chest. 

Things we are loving: his curious hands- he's always feeling the texture of things, how he wakes up happy and kicking in the morning, how cute he looks in his winter knits, his chattiness, his big open mouth smile. 

Things he is loving: his binky, light fixtures, the Christmas tree, his grandmas, fans, being held facing out, and when we imitate the sounds he makes.

Things he is not loving: baths, tummy time, getting his fingernails trimmed, sitting in one spot for a while.

Firsts: Trip to the family cabin (12/30-31), taste of eggnog (Tayler put a drop on his binky when I wasn't looking), trip to Temple Square, Christmas (the wrapping paper scared him), first time he recognized Dad when he got home from work. 

He is definitely crossing over into big baby stage and we are excited to see how he changes this month! It's so crazy the progress already and it's a little overwhelming to think that he'll learn how to walk and talk this year! Since he's growing so fast we are definitely going to do our best to slow down and savor every moment.

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