Tuesday, December 4, 2018

One Month of Oliver

Happy One Month Ollie!

What a special month it has been. Tayler said it when we got back from the hospital, but who would have thought that something so small could make our house feel like home. Tayler and I were so worried about introducing a third member to our family, because we loved the duo we had going on. But Oliver fits right in, like that spot has been saved for him all along.

Overall, I'd say Oliver is a good baby! He only cries when he's hungry, getting his diaper changed, or when Dad puts the cold lotion directly on him rather than warming it in his hands first. He cries when we give him a bath too but I think that's because we aren't super good at it, I think he'll enjoy it when we get better at it. But he settles down very quickly, he's content in his swing for a few hours a day so I can get some work done, and he's great at breastfeeding. He'll also take a binky and a bottle, so we are grateful for that.

Oliver now weighs 10lbs! I'm so glad, because when we were discharged from the hospital he'd gotten down to 6lb 12oz. We love a solid baby and can hardly handle all the cute rolls he's accumulating.

Since Ollie was born two weeks early, I've let him dictate when he eats and I feed him whenever he's hungry. And I unintentionally created a serial snacker. Ollie likes to eat every 1-2 hours, even at night. So if there are typos in this blog post, keep that in mind. Our goal this month is bigger feedings further apart (and *hopefully* more sleep for me!).

Things We Love: His reflex smiles, when he laughs in his sleep, how he puts his hands up next to his face when he's nervous, when he goes cross eyed right before falling asleep, his double chin that's coming in nicely, his pip squeak hiccups, how he sleeps on Tayler's chest every night from 9-11pm, and his little turtle neck that he sticks out when he's rooting around for some milk.

Lucky Oliver got to celebrate his first Halloween this month! Between figuring him out, recovering from labor, and a pretty demanding work schedule I wasn't able to create a family costume despite my heart's desire to, but I did whip up a little costume for Oliver. He looked so stinking precious. I doubt a dish towel will cover him so well next Halloween! But mom fail: I forgot to bring the real camera. So we only have phone photos:'( Haha nothing makes me sadder than crappy phone photos, I think I'm going to reenact Halloween just to get a better picture of him.
We sure love our little baby cakes.

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