Friday, October 26, 2018

First Outing As A Family of Three

Ollie's first outing was an incredible success! Wednesday is Tayler's day off, and the stars aligned and gave us perfect weather so I was determined that we were going to make a family day of it. Plus, Oliver and I have been hermits for the past 3 weeks of his life and I thought the fresh air and Vitamin D would be beneficial for everyone.

The weather was a lovely 70 degrees, and Oliver was a lovely little sleepy head. We went in, picked out a few pumpkins for our porch, took a few pictures to remember his tinyness, and were out of there in 20 minutes tops. Did we get our $3 entry fees worth? No, but we started a tradition that we'll be able to maintain each year as Ollie and our family grows and I'm proud of us for that!


A Previous Trips to a Pumpkin Patch in Virginia in 2016:

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