Friday, October 7, 2016

Mini Date to the Pumpkin Patch

Apparently we are 7 days into October and I have no idea how that happened. But no complaints here, we're officially into the final three of 2016, how exciting is that?! Bring on those holidays.

Tayler and I have been going on a lot of mini dates lately, cramming them into whatever odd hour we can! Haha this past week we headed to our local pumpkin patch and corn maze. The sky was overcast and the colors were so vibrant; it was a beautiful day! Tayler has wanted a dog since day one of our marriage and I tried to convince him that picking out a pumpkin was basically picking out a puppy, but he didn't buy it;)
^^Our little friend from church proving his toughness^^

There was a dead fish on the side on the pond and it was equally mesmerizing and horrifying.
 ^^Pumpkin patch modeling 101 by Tayler Peterson^^
We ran into a family from our ward and one of their kiddos is in our nursery class, so we had fun exploring the patch with them. Our little nursery guy was hilarious to watch. He'd stomp around in his boots, latch onto the stem of the biggest pumpkin he could find, heave with all of his 2 year old might until it lifted off the ground a couple inches, and grunt out a "This not heavy," before dropping it back onto the ground. We were dying:D There's something special about little boys. I used to tell Tayler that only want girls (sorry brothers but you were a tad too emotional/competitive) but our nursery class is mostly boys and they are definitely growing on me!

One of my favorite parts about our relationship is how we make time for each other-in between different work schedules, classes, homework and baseball we always squeeze in something. These phone-less moments are so pure and full, they take me right back to the glorious Dating Days. I once heard that you make time for what's important to you, regardless if you think you have time to or not. The guy in the green jacket above is definitely one of the things I create time for.

Happy weekend everyone!!

Question of the day...
What do you think, are girls or boys easier?


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