Saturday, June 9, 2018

Bump Update: 21 Weeks

Woo 21 weeks now! More than half way there?! I feel like this week has been a whirlwind of firsts and changes. On Monday the 4th I had a stranger touch my belly for the first time. And not just any stranger- a PANHANDLER. Haha this lady- who has probably seen a harsher side of life and had only one front tooth- came up to my mom and I in the parking lot of Walmart and when we apologized to her and said we didn't have any cash she went straight for my belly to determine the gender! I was too shocked to do anything, I just gave my mom some panicked side eye. The lady was very nice though but still: WEIRD. No touching someone's stomach unless you're close friends and family k?

On the 5th I felt the baby move! I have felt twinges before but I was never sure if it was bowel movements or baby movements, but this was for sure a baby movement. The baby is the size of a microphone at this point so it makes sense I'd feel it by now, it just took me a while to recognize it! It feels like a happy little gold fish dancing around in there.

On the 6th, TAYLER could feel the baby move! Haha we were watching the Bachelorette and I put his hand on my stomach and BOOM baby performed. It was a pretty special moment and Tayler may or may not have had tears in his eyes.

On the 7th, we got to see our little person! We had our anatomy scan and it was a wild ride. Turns out I have a tilted uterus (which is pretty common) but it makes the baby sink down into my pelvis. I guess its a nice, comfy spot because he/she was not budging from it, to the annoyance of our ultrasound tech. He was a very knowledgeable guy but my goodness he was rough. He was pushing SO HARD with his little ultrasound wand I thought both me and the baby would bruise. Since the baby's head wasn't easily visible, the tech took the wand and bounced it up and down on my lower stomach to try to scare/ force the baby to move. I've been prone to vomiting my whole pregnancy, so all that pushing and bouncing made me feel sea sick. Luckily he had some of those handy bags right by his desk. Bleh. But, he saw what he needed to see and baby looks perfectly healthy, we are so grateful and relieved!

As for the gender of little baby P., someone decided last minute that they had to find out! Haha I have always wanted it to be a surprise because A) a baby is a baby, boys and girls need the exact same things B) I know it won't be our last kid so why not get all gender neutral stuff C) I want that extra motivation in labor and D) I LOVE surprises. But Tayler wanted to know, and I didn't want to be a dictator and decide for both of us. So while the tech inspected the lower half of the baby, Tayler watched while I looked away. If Tayler saw what he thinks he saw, then he knows, but he has promised to try his hardest not to tell me! Haha I'm praying he can keep it a secret because he knows how important it is to me.

While most of our life revolves around this baby, other life events have occurred as well: we've lived in Utah for a month, Tayler started his job, and I got an awesome work from home job, but we'll talk about those things in another post.  Meanwhile enjoy these pictures we took when we went to Sundance Tree Room for date night this week!

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