Sunday, July 29, 2018

Bumpdate: Week 28

 28 Weeks Friends. Do you know what that MEANS? I am in my third and final trimester. This pregnancy has flown by, but it also feels like I've been pregnant my whole life. I just ordered this cute nursing friendly jumpsuit for post pregnancy, but I have the hardest time believing that someday I won't be pregnant and can wear it!

Baby is moving like cRaZy. And no, Tayler hasn't slipped yet and told me the gender! I love being able to work from home because baby is most active when I'm sitting on our bed, and I can just watch those little limbs prod and poke me while I'm chugging away on my laptop.

My doctor is a very kind, older gentlemen but he doesn't give me too many details. He's never said whether the baby is measuring big or small, at my appointments he just kinda hums and says, "Perfect perfect!" like he's Ollivander inspecting a wand. (Can you tell I'm rereading the Harry Potter books?)

As for me, I have gained 30 pounds and I'm feeling great! I feel like the past 8 weeks have been the prime of my pregnancy. The baby is so active and fun to watch, but I'm not sore or hurting at all. Shout out to our new Purple mattress for the awesome sleep I've been getting too.

Craving... Hamburgers + Lemon Curd (not together!). I've had more hamburgers this summer than I've had in my whole life combined. I normally do not like meat but baby wants what baby wants! Also craving lemon curd? Haha I love stopping by Cornerstone Bakery and getting a lemon tart or this spot by Tayler's work that has a Lemon Curd shake. Sooo yummy.

The nursery is coming together and I can't wait to share pictures when it's finished. It has a very mellow, gender neutral theme and I can tell it's going to be one of my favorite spots in the house. We've been gathering big ticket items as the paycheck allows, but are still on the lookout for a good rocking chair and a new rug. I'd love wallpaper but the removable stuff is SO EXPENSIVE so we'll see if we do anything major with the walls.

That's pretty much all that's new for now! I have my glucose test this week so cross your fingers for me, last time I got my blood drawn I threw up and almost passed out. TMI? Yaaaay needles.

My cute sister-in-law is due in September (with her 7th beautiful baby, doesn't she look great?!) and she asked us to take her maternity photos. I love how they turned out and she let me slip into a few of them! It's so fun being pregnant together. And yes we totally looked like Sister Wives when we rode up the ski lift in Sundance with Tayler between us.
Maternity Pictures Wildflowers Utah

Maternity Pictures Sundance Utah

 Link to the jumpsuit I ordered if anyones interested:

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