Monday, September 11, 2017

Wedding Pictures... 2 Years After

If you have been reading this blog since the beginning, you'll remember one of my first posts titled 5 Common Wedding Day Regrets. I compiled a list from my own experience as well as other recently wedded friends and we listed the things we wish we could change about our weddings. Photography was a reoccurring theme for all of us. For me, there was just certain things I did not like the first time, ranging from the location I chose to the fact that I forgot to wear jewelry. I always held on to the hope that we would be able to redo some of our photos before we got too old, and miraculously the opportunity came!

 Tayler and I had the awesome opportunity to model for a photography friend, Caitlyn Krisle at Krisle Photography (& she is SO talented and so fun to work with!), who was looking to add more bridal and wedding pictures to her portfolio. She asked if we wouldn't mind getting back into our wedding clothes, and I told her we were more than happy to! I definitely spoke for Tayler here but he's such a gem and he knew this was something I've been wanting to do so he didn't complain at all. My mom has been after me to have my dress boxed up since we got back from our honeymoon two years ago, but I held on to the hope that we would get this opportunity and I'm so glad we did!

It was such a treat to put those clothes back on, reminisce, reflect and just enjoy each other looking so fine;) It was also fun to wait for the pictures and ooo and aaa all over again! Haha I am so in love with them so I wanted to share.

(My bouquet and crown were made by Madelyn Jewell Florals, and she is fantastic if you're in the Provo area!)


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  1. I'd forgotten how much I love your wedding dress!!! These pics are seriously beautiful. The one big regret of our wedding was the photography as well. I wish we would have done more. Good for you guys in getting these!