Thursday, April 6, 2017


And the big announcement that I promised on Monday but here we are already at Thursday... I am opening up a store!! Or rather, co-opening a store with my friend/cousin-in-law Jessica (so Jess's husband and my husband are cousins). The store is an online women's clothing boutique called Randall+Roo, and we carry dresses, tops, bottoms and jewelry. The name originates from our husbands' family name, Randall. We will officially launch on April 17th!

I am so excited/a little terrified to finally be announcing this publicly. It's one of those things that I have always wanted to do but I never thought it would actually happen. Tayler always believed though! Haha he is the dreamer in our relationship, and even when we were first married we would walk into a boutique (he is a superb shopping partner) and he'd say, "Cort, we can open up one of these! And I'll sell records in the corner!" Haha I am so grateful for him and his support and belief in me. Tayler is definitely the one who made it possible for me to take this leap.

A little backstory, my partner Jessica actually owned a boutique previously but decided to close down when her sweet little baby arrived. Its hard to run a store by yourself, but it's even harder with a newborn! When we heard she was closing down Tayler encouraged me to reach out and ask if she'd be interested in rebranding and reopening with me and thankfully, awesomely, dream-come-true-ly, she said yes.

So here we are!! I'm definitely realizing how new I am to this world of online distribution but I am excited to learn and grow and find cute, modest clothes to share with everyone!!

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting this little blog and me! To finish off, here's a little sneak peak at 2 of the goodies we have in store...(haha literally in store;)
*for everyone who was expecting a baby announcement, I'm sorry! Haha but ask me how much I want to be pregnant and take 21 credits next semester. ;)

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