Saturday, April 1, 2017

Venturing Out+Projects

Happy WEEKEND. And especially, happy conference weekend! Thank the heavens. I hope it is an awesome couple of days for you filled with light and love.

Some of you already know this, but Tayler and I have a side hustle of taking engagement and family photographs. That's one of the reasons we take so many pictures, we are usually scouting out locations! Well and we both love photography. Anyways, the other day we found this beautiful waterfall and park about an hour away so we did a little exploring. I thought I would share the pictures along with some life updates and a project I'm excited about!

Life Updates:

  • I hardly see Tayler anymore and it makes me sad (work+school+baseball)
  • We have our apartment in San Antonio for the summer
  • I'm getting more hours at work, which is both a blessing and a problem because:
  • 4 of the 5 class I'm taking have both a presentation and paper due in the next two weeks
  • We planned a trip to Zions National Park!
  • We are on a 6 day streak for reading scriptures together (I know that's nothing but guys this is big for us)
  • We have picked up a new hobby called "walks"
  • And the biggest announcement of them all-I am only a few days away from the launch of a project I've been working on that I'm so excited about! I'll give you a hint, it involves one of my favorite things: dresses. I'll write a post all about it on Monday! 
And that's it for now! Have a great day!

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