Monday, April 24, 2017

Rainy Weekend In DC

I've been known to bash on Finals Week before, but  this time around I'm taking a different perspective. No homework, no projects, just show up, take the test and peace out? Sounds like a good week to me! We definitely have finals to thank for our stress free weekend; Tayler and I really excelled at doing nothing important and just enjoying each other's company. On Friday we went on a morning picnic before my shift at work, and then Saturday we headed out to DC. 

 One of my absolute favorite parts of living in Virginia is being so close to DC. This year we haven't been able to go nearly as much as we would have liked to, so we made sure to squeeze in a trip this weekend since we are moving Thursday. Now that I think of it, I think the only other time we went to DC this year was when we skipped class in September to get a burrito at Cafe Rio. So yes, it had been a while!

 It is a three hour drive one way, but we had a lot to discuss- a game plan for packing up the house, our summer goals, how we want to spend our anniversary next week (next week?!) so the ride passed quickly. It was a drizzly day, but we were 100% okay with the lack of tourists. We started at Arlington Cemetery because I had never been, and then went shopping, grabbed some Cafe Rio, and ended at Tidal Basin. 
Usually this walkway is PACKED with people, so having it to ourselves was so nice! Haha except that there was no one offering to take our picture together. So no shots together, but it was still a sweet trip with my favorite person.

Also, a look at last years trip to this same spot for the Cherry Blossom Festival here

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