Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Goodwill Girl

Hola mi amigos! (That's my Espanol Uno coming at you full force;) Apparently our Spanish class isn't doing so hot because el professor handed out surveys yesterday asking how long we study each day and then "encouraged" us to study more. Meh. Why study when you can be thrift shopping.  On that note, my Goodwill find for the week is this red dress for $4.79 originally from ASOS. It's one of those easy, cotton, dress up or dress down kind of wardrobe items that my closet is full of. Because comfort is my JAM.

I know some people are adamantly against wearing stranger's old clothing (my cute mom is one of them) but I just feel grateful to those people for paying the big bucks so I could pay the little ones!

Have a great day!!




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