Monday, October 31, 2016

Goodwill Hunting

Hi I' m Cortney and I love cheap things. J.Crew-front-buttoned-skirt-outfit
Not cheap like poor quality, cheap like worth more than it cost. The dollar menu, coupons, thrift shopping, yardsales...if it's under $10 I'm there. Once in highschool we were trying to pull off a surprise party for a friend, and when we asked her if she suspected anything she said she "knew something was up because Cortney didn't want to carpool." I'm this conflicted person who loves saving money but also loves buying new things.

When I returned home from Goodwill a couple weeks ago with a bag heavy with treasures Tayler-who's very used to this kind of behavior- laughed at me, told me to try them on for him, and called me his "Goodwill Girl." And from there, an idea was born! Haha in recognition of my love for Goodwill, I'm going to start a blog series about my thrifted finds of the week.  Because A) I go there every week anyways, B) It's an affordable fix to an insatiable shopping habit, and C) I get a weird sense of pride when people ask me where I got something and I can reply Goodwill.

So to start it off, my very favorite find yet! It's this buttoned J.Crew skirt that I found for $3.59. It's miraculously long enough and is definitely my favorite fall piece right now. I wore it for a little after school date with Tayler downtown.
lexington-virginia-sweet-treats-bakery-cupcakethrift-shopping-finds-jcrew-skirtOur tripod bit the dust the other day so this is the best we've got for pictures with both of us in them;) 

How about you?! 
Do you believe in thrifting? 
What's the best find you've ever found?

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  1. That skirt is so cute! Such a great find, especially for that price!
    I've been wanting to find a great button down skirt. So jealous!