Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Bachelor Themed Party

ABC The Bachelor Ben Higgins Party Theme
Will you accept this rose The Bachelor
One of my New Years resolutions-party more.

I love hosting parties. I know that 50% of it is pure stress, but I think the planning process is just fun. Deciding what to serve and how to decorate, scoring Pinterest for inspiration and then having a big group of friends over to laugh and enjoy each other's company... it's just fun is it not?! January is  officially the worst so I've been feeling especially party-wanting lately. The fatal flaw with parties though? You've got to have friends to um, party with. Ehhh...

Oh the joys of moving. Don't get me wrong, Virginia really is growing on me and everyone we've met has been incredibly kind and welcoming. But Rome wasn't built in a day. Basically all of my potential friendships right now don't go beyond knowing first names and feeling safe enough to ask them for a pen when I forget mine.

I know that it takes work to make friends; especially when you married young and no one your age can really relate. And being social is a goal I should aspire to. But as of now, I just. Can't. Make. Myself.  We recently purchased a little space heater and I'm 50 shades of content curling up on the couch with it humming at my feet, wrapped in a blanket while streaming the ABC app. 

Because the Bachelor. Obviously.
Marry me Ben Higgins
I know I'm not the first person to assert that Ben Higgins is the most perfect specimen on the planet, but honestly I'm fan-girling all over the place when Monday night comes around. I've never followed a Bachelor season this religiously (which I kinda contribute to my lack of social interaction but its fine) but both Tayler and I make a special effort to watch it together when it's on. Nothing makes you feel more secure in your marriage than watching 25 groom-hungry girls blunder towards one guy.

And I love having that time with Tayler. It's just the two us, snuggled on the couch, laughing hysterically at the antics of women in the 21st century. (Did anybody else watch the group date with the girls playing soccer last week?? We died!) 

And it was during one of these moments that I realized-I have a husband. A person who, by law, has to attend and support any party I throw. Delightful.

I've been wanting to throw a Bachelor themed party really bad-just a simple gathering where we indulged in chocolate, watched the latest episode, and enjoyed sparkling apple cider in fancy cups. So why hold off having a Bachelor Party until I could invite more people, when I could throw a party for just the two of us? 
The Bachelor 2016
It was a small setup, our wheeled TV cart plus a banner made of dollies from Dollar Tree and some pretend calligraphy on the side, but it was nice. It's the little efforts that make normal days special. And lucky for my lazy self, it can also double as Valentines day decor.

Is anyone else following this season as hopelessly as I am? :) I'm debating between Caila, Lauren or  Amanda...but I'd love to hear your top 3! 
The Bachelor Themed Party Olivia

Bachelor party inspiration found here

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