Monday, January 18, 2016

When Things Aren't As Bad As You Thought They'd Be

Typical Barn and Sunset pic
I am pleased to announce that we have survived our first week in Virginia, despite my initial doubts. And to my surprise, I've really enjoyed it! I think it took me a few days and crying sessions to adjust, but I can now safely say I'm going to like it here.

Quick thank you to all those who reached out to me after my last post, your comforting words helped a lot:) It was a good reminder that I'm not alone in my experience, so thank you all for that!!

 Southern Virginia University
So far, my favorite part about being here is returning to school. Success is so measurable with school. Nowhere else in life do you get such a clear reading on how good/bad you're doing.

I especially love the fact that I'm taking three classes with Tayler. We'd planned to take at least one together, but it just worked out for our schedules to take three together. If you ever get the chance, it is a BLAST taking a class with your spouse. In most cases you get to share a book, so take that bookstore. I will never understand why textbooks are so dang expensive anyways. And because we are sharing a book, professors have asked us to sit in the back so that we can scoot our desks together to share the book. A mandatory order to sit in the back? Well if you insist. You don't realize how many inside jokes you have with your husband until your heads are together in the back of a classroom.

I was a little worried about going back to school after taking a year off, but so far I've only had one embarrassing incident! Definitely a success in my book. As I was hurrying to get to class I hit my face with the car door. Yep. I'd forgotten my phone and gone back to get it, and I guess I didn't wait long enough for my face to get in the clear before I shut the door. The worse thing is that as I was rubbing it after, I could distinctly feel the bump forming an "L" shape. Sweeeeet. An L shape on my forehead for the first day of class. Luckily it never formed any visible bruise, thank the heavens.

Our Weekend
Buena Vista is a quaint town and the college is the center. Other than that there are a couple fast food restaurants and every version of dollar store you can think of (Dollar General, Family Dollar, and the Dollar Tree-I think their target audience is pretty clear) but that's about it! When we want to go somewhere we prefer Lexington, the town over that's a bit bigger.  And every building is a colonial masterpiece.

After a long week of 3-a-day practices for my cute sore husband, we decided to ignore the cardboard boxes still waiting to be unpacked and treat ourselves to a date night in Lexington on Saturday.
Lexington Virginia with Confederates
Girl with yellow coat walking down steps
Tayler the Aspiring Photographer led us through the streets, but when my nose started getting too red to be photogenic we headed to our favorite restaurant and had a grand time.

 We'll make it work here:)
Snapchat Selfie Couple Cute

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  1. Oh my goodness... oh, oh my. Cortney, I can't even handle this. You're making ME want to move to Virginia RIGHT THIS SECOND!! These pictures are Fabulous!!!!!! I can't wait to hear more! Goodness, I can't wait to visit there someday.... Miss you already beautiful girl! Best of Luck from this day forward!