Monday, January 25, 2016

3 Little Ways to Celebrate National Spouse Day

Surprise! Tomorrow, January 26, is National Spouse Day. I know, who knew. Better question, who makes these things up?? I haven't the slightest idea, but I'm always up for an opportunity to show the man that I think he's the best thing since sliced bread.

Since it's one of the those random you've-never-heard-of-it-until-everyone-is-hashtagging-about-it-on-Instagram things, I'm guessing that your husband won't know that it's National Spouse Day either. So won't you look like the thoughtful wife when you do a little something extra to celebrate it? *insert clapping hands emoji*
#Nationalspouseday Husband Appreciation
And to help you out, here's some ideas of how to show your undying love for the man:) They are all pretty simple because it's not exactly a holiday we prepare for-and we have to save our best ideas for Valentines Day-but I'm a firm believer that life is about the little things. So here are three simple ways to make your man feel appreciated:

1. Write him a note and hide it somewhere he'll find it: in his lunch, backpack, car, etc. Tell him he's cute, you're quite fond of him, and wish him a happy spouse day.

2. Kiss him when he's not expecting it. Mid sentence, in the middle of a movie, right when he comes home. I don't think surprise kisses can ever be a bad thing. (When you're married.)

3. Tackle an area of stress in your home. If a corner of the bedroom is chaotic, if his car could use a cleaning, if the desk is a heap of papers; take some time to organize. Chances are you've both been meaning to do it, but it just hasn't happened yet. Its crazy how much cluttered environments can affect your attitude, and you'll both benefit from this one.

There you have it! And happy spouse day my friends.

...actually by three I meant five. Two bonus ideas:

Watch your wedding video. Maybe this one only sounds appealing to me because I'm sappy and a hopeless romantic, but wedding days only happen once. Pop that video in and reminisce together. No cell phones allowed. 

Plan a vacation together. It's only January, we've got a whole year ahead of us! What are you going to fill it with? Whether it be a National Parks visit, a cruise, a week in Cali...plan it together. It's always nice to have something to look forward to.

I'm sorry I couldn't keep it under three, but thanks for going the extra mile;) Do you have any small and simple ideas to make your husband feel loved?
3 Simple ways to love your man


  1. such a cute post! nothing better than celebrating the joy of married life :)

    1. you are so sweet Kelsey! I feel so honored because I've been a fan of your style and blog for a while, thanks for taking the time to visit mine! i completely agree, married life is the best life :)