Thursday, November 12, 2015

Weekend Trip to Florida

"You are amazingly huge!"

"Is that thing gonna come out soon?"

"Oh my goodness girl. God bless you."

These are just a few of the comments I heard people telling my sister at church on Sunday, and I could just see the anger beneath the surface as she fake laughed along with them like, "Yep I'm on the brink of labor in my 39th week and I had NO idea. Thanks random stranger for enlightening me."

The poor thing. That's why I decided to take 4 blessed days off work, fly to Florida, and try to help prepare the house for the new arrival. In my head I was going to set up the nursery, deep clean the house, help make dinner. But actually I just played with my 2 year old niece Presley and watched at least 15 episodes of Daniel Tiger. Oddly enough Stevie thought that was a huge help? Haha I guess that's something you can only appreciate when you have a 2 year old.

I absolutely loved it though. Getting a sneak peak into everyday life as a momma with a toddler was so enlightening and maybe a little frightening. I experienced crazy cute moments, like getting her out of her crib in the morning and having her grin at me like I was the best surprise ever. And how much she loved the little kangaroo I brought her. Her "loves" before night night were a definite highlight. But I also saw the other side of toddler life: the unexplained tantrums, the communication barrier and accommpanying frustration, the accidents in the tub. 

Tayler was sure I'd come back wanting 10 Presleys, but I think I'm still content waiting and loving on my cute nieces and nephews for a little while. 

A recap in pictures of our weekend:

Presley is quite the character:) Maybe it comes with having a photo loving mom, but as soon as you tell her to say cheese she'll scowl at you. You've got to catch her in her raw moments of excitement, and the ocean provided one of those moments for us. 

I loved and hated the jog because the elevation made the air so easy to breathe, but the humidity was 92%! I was a hot mess. Not like the attractive kind.


Baby in Crib

Blue Angels Show.

Blue Angels Pensacola

Presley wasn't impressed by the noise of the jet engines.

The Ocean.

Got you Stevie! :) (She kept avoiding photos because of baby boy)

Getting home after a day of shopping.

It was a lovely little vacay; getting caught up with my big sister, going shopping, sitting in silence and reading because thats our favorite thing. I started and finished two books in the time I was there! It was wonderful. And 75 degrees in November is always a welcome change:)

 It was a trip of firsts: 1st solo flight, 1st time to Florida, 1st overnight separation from Tayler. I had a perfect time with my sister and her cute family, but I was ready to fly back to Utah to see my cute mister when the time came.

 Until next time Pensacola. I'll miss you Alders.

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