Monday, January 4, 2016

An Ode to Our First Home

Newlyweds First Apartment
We knew this day would come. We even looked forward to it. Won't it be nice when we have a double sink? Wouldn't an actual table be wonderful to eat on? Won't it be nice to not have to duck every time you go through the bedroom door? (This is a real thing, Tayler is 6'3 and there's an unfortunately placed heating duct right over our bedroom doorway.)

We just moved out of our wonderful, tiny 6oo square foot apartment. Our first home.

"Ohhh its so.... cute!" was the standard compliment we got whenever anyone came over to check out our little place. It isn't much. It contains all the glories of basement dwelling. The half windows and low ceilings. The pitter patter of footsteps above your head. The overall lack of storage space. As I looked around, I wondered how these early days of borderline poverty could ever be remembered fondly.

But now as we are leaving our home behind, I can see how. Within these tiny walls, we had our first big arguments. We also figured out how to work them out. We discovered that we are relationship experts from binge watching the Bachelor while snuggled on the couch. We found out that eggs  actually can expire, and they'll make you sick in less than 12 hours. We established that when he does the laundry, I do the dishes; that chores are meant to be shared. Basically, we learned to live together.

This little home was so small. And it has retro green cabinets.

But it's special. It will always be special to us.
Storage Space

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