Thursday, September 10, 2020

Camper Van Renovation


After two years and lots of hours, money, fun and frustration, the camper van is complete! Tayler stumbled upon this van in 2018 for $5,000. It was an old 2003 utility van but Tayler had a vision. With the help of friends and family, Tayler built a bed, cabinets, installed a sink and pump, wired lights, and added flooring and tongue and groove to make us a lovely little camper van. We also paid for a paint job and a roof rack to hold 3 solar panels. We traveled to nearly all the National Parks in Utah and stopped by Montana and Canada. Ollie grew from a 5 month old to a nearly 2 year old! And last week we sold it.

We are so sad to see it go, especially when Oliver is at such a fun age. But with baby number 2 on the way there's simply not another seat in the van for baby girl. We also bought a house that we will be moving into next month, so the extra money was very appreciated for absorbing our credit card debt and contributing to our furniture fund. We are really hopeful that in a year or two we can find another van and do another renovation. Tayler feels like he learned a few things from this experience and he's sure he can do it even better and cheaper next time! We shall see haha. But I take back all my doubting thoughts, he did a great job with this van and we were able to make some money that set our family up for a smooth move. 

You'll be missed Camper Van! 

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