Wednesday, September 16, 2020

1224 East: Our First Home

In late August we moved from our home, a townhouse in Spanish Fork. It was our first permanent residence as a married couple after years of living in college apartments. We moved in right after we graduated from Southern Virginia University and stayed for 2.5 years. It's the house we brought newborn Ollie home to which makes everything extra bittersweet. 

It's also the first house we were able to put our mark on by painting walls, hanging things and changing light fixtures. I had never even painted a wall before so I'm grateful to this house for helping me gain some home decor confidence and try out some different styles. Moving into our new house I think I want everything to be a little more traditional and timeless and less modern, but I wouldn't know that if not for this house. I'm grateful for all the learning and growth that occurred within those walls for all of us! 

Here's some after and befores of the rooms we did change:

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