Sunday, May 19, 2019

Seven Months of Oliver

Nothing makes you realize how fast a month goes by better than a baby. Ollie's little boy features just popped out of nowhere this month and it makes me love him even more. This month we had some of our best, funnest days together and also some of our roughest. The fun ones were when we played together all day, which involves lots of tickles, snuggling, and him sitting on my lap. The harder days were when I had a ton of work to get done and nothing would entertain him, he just constantly let out this whine that grated on my nerves like nothing I've ever experienced. Oh motherhood!

Things he's loving: rolling! all the sudden he is the tummy time king. I sat him down on the floor and was browsing Amazon for a new baby sleep sack, then I looked up and he had rolled underneath the coffee table. He was beaming and SO proud of himself. [Monday, April 22nd]

Other loves: when people clap, being tickled, stroller rides, his high chair, van rides, and splashing in the tub.


  • First time trying to crawl. On April 14th during sacrament meeting he was laying on the floor and decided he wanted the bottle cap that had rolled away. He tried to push off with his feet and use his head to crawl, but got very frustrated very quickly. Progress nonetheless!
  • SLEEP TRAINING WOO WOO WOOOOOOO. Sleep training was something I did NOT want to do. Even though I majored in Human Development and knew that the cry it out method does no damage to mental health or emotional attachment, I personally didn't want to go through it. However, around 5-6 months old he started waking up every 40 minutes and I could not function anymore. Something had to change, and I'm so glad it did. He caught on so quickly and it was way less traumatic than I'd imagined. He's happier, I'm happier, and our whole family is running smoother now that we are all sleeping better.
  • First KISS! Haha I had a work meeting with my favorite coworker and she brought her 4 year old daughter. She and Ollie had so much fun playing together, and then when it was time to go she gave him a little peck haha. We have never been a family that kisses on the lips but it was pretty cute.
  • Tried carrots & avocados. Not a huge fan of them, but he tolerates them and is getting over his tongue thrust reflex so the whole experience is now much cleaner.
  • First fat lip. Tayler learned the hard way that you can't rely on Ollie to stay upright when he's sitting. 
  • Easter. He was so cute reaching into his basket and I think he thoroughly enjoys his new teething toys.
New Places:

  • Trip to Moab with my brother Chase and his fiancĂ© Chloe, and my younger brother Chandler. We went on a couple hikes (one 3mile, one .5 mile haha) but it was fun and we all enjoyed the outdoors and being in the van!
  • Trip to Tulip Festival in Thanksgiving Point with JaLaine, Louis, and William. 

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