Saturday, February 2, 2019

Four Months of Oliver

It seems fitting that since January lasted 97 days Oliver grew up a ton this month. It's a little overwhelming how big he seems to me now! He is definitely no longer a small baby, the comment this month was, "Look how long he is!!"

Oliver is now four months old and weighs 15 lbs. He grew out of his 0-3 month clothes early on in the month, and we just skipped onto 6-9month clothes because he is a tall boy! His feet don't quite reach the bottom but I love the floppy footsies and the reminder that he is still somewhat of a young baby.

The biggest changes this month were Ollie's neck control and leg muscles. He can now hold his head up all the time! I didn't realize how much easier this would make transporting him but it has been so nice. As for standing,at the beginning of the month he was barely able to hold his weight before his knees would buckle. Now he can bear his weight completely for a minute or so! (as long as we balance him obviously).
My favorite first this month was that he found his laugh!! I was holding him and doing some squats and he just found the whole movement hilarious. It's probably a ploy to get me to start exercising again but #worthit.
Other big events were his first stroller rides (luckily this winter has been really warm), his baby blessing last Sunday January 27th at Tayler's parents home, and his first time grabbing and shaking his toys.
 Things he's loving: mom doing squats, his reflection, sitting up in baskets, "talking" with mom or dad, sitting in his car seat (NOT being buckled), mornings, kicking his stuffed monkey because it rattles, and constant attention and eye contact.
Things he's not loving: bath time, tummy time, loud noises, and laying his head down on my chest :(

Crazy to think that he's 1/3 of a year old! Another exciting development of the month was that Tayler got a new job, and he's now home around 3 instead of 8. Both me and Oliver have LOVED having him home more and it's nice to have some family time together before it's bedtime. We sure love this sweet baby boy and the light he is in our lives.

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