Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Company Cruise Round Two

Tayler, my champ of champs, back massager, foot warmer, food maker, in all ways my dream man, pulled through for us again and earned a free cruise with his pest control company EcoShield. We spent January 7th-January 14th cruising the Caribbean with a slew of friends whom we barely saw because we were so enamored with the buffets. Oh and the islands.

Our "ports of call" aka where we stopped were: St. Croix, St. Martin, Martinique, Barbados and Grenada. The cruise left from Puerto Rico and was probably the coolest cruise I've been on yet. Previously we would leave from Florida and stay around the Virgin Islands, but by moving further south we got to see a whole other side of the world. I couldn't believe how close we were to South America when we were at our last port! Seriously 100 more miles and we would be in Venezuela.

Our goal with this cruise was to have no expectations and roll with whatever came. It was a good move because when it rained in Grenada, we enjoyed it. When we didn't want to fork out $40 to go with the group to a special beach, we had a great time together staying behind. For the majority of the time we hung out at the beach, but we did paddle board in Barbados and hike to a waterfall in Grenada. One thing I did want to accomplish though was to get pictures with negative space that would look good enlarged on the walls of our future home. I loved the ones I got of Puerto Rico.

(This picture cracks me up, last minute I decided to jump into Tayler's arms and I don't think he was prepared)

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