Thursday, July 13, 2017

Girls Trip to Waco

Ya'll. I think we've figured out by now that I don't mess around with birthdays. As soon as July comes I use every excuse to say, "But its my birthday month." And now that birthday week is upon me, I used the opportunity to say Hey. I want to go to Waco. Chip and Joanna are calling.

Waco is 3 hours away from San Antonio, so it was a journey (especially with 2 babies) but we made it work! Fixer Upper will always have a special place in my heart, because we discovered it as newlyweds and would binge watch it for hours. Tayler and I loved the fun, loving relationship Chip and Jojo had and it was an awesome example for us that the playfulness in marriage never has to stop.

Fast forward to this summer when I read The Magnolia Story, which I highly recommend. It's a great story of trusting in God and following your dreams. With opening Randall+Roo this year it just made me so hopeful and passionate for the things I can create by following my intuition and God's guidance.

Magnolia Market was splendid. They have the store, a bakery, a stage beneath the silos, a shaded dining area with picnic tables, and food trucks. Every detail was carefully thought out- obviously because Joanna- and the place was just immaculate. We didn't stay for long, because it was incredibly hot like only Texas can be, so we headed to the Dr. Pepper museum just a couple blocks away. Apparently Dr. Pepper was invented in Waco?! I usually don't drink carbonation, but I had a Dr. Pepper float and it was divine. If I did drink carbonation, I think Dr. Pepper would be my choice of beverage. If you end up visiting Magnolia, I would find something else to do in Waco as well because you do go through Magnolia pretty fast. But it was a treat either way!

Visiting Magnolia Silos in WacoChip and Joanna Magnolia Market Silos Trip
Bakery at Magnolia Market Waco
Joanna Gaines Magnolia Market Store Waco
Magnolia Market Silos

Inside Magnolia Market Waco Texas

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