Monday, June 26, 2017

The Season We're In

This past weekend we celebrated my BFF's first birthday. Her mom and I spent the whole week before planning and shopping and baking and it was such a happy week. Last summer Sophie was just a little bump inside a belly but now she's this precious, happy, spunky little one year old who loves watching musicals and being held.

I know parents always say their kids grow up so fast, but I think that other people's kids grow up even faster. Since you're not there to see them gradually achieve their milestones, one moment they're cooing newborns and the next they're crawling up behind you and stealing your keys.

If life obeys my wishes, we will stay close to this sweet family (+ the entire summer sales fam) forever. But if something happens and we don't live in the same complex for the rest of our lives, I like to think that they'll stumble across some of these pictures 15 years from now and Sophie will know how much I loved her for the bit I got to be in her life.

Anyways. All this party planning just made me realize how happy I am to be in the season of life we are in right now. Initially when I realized that I was the only sales wife of 6 that wasn't with child, I was a little skeptical of how fun this summer would be. Everyone else had this common denominator uniting them and I just didn't. And while I do hear more labor and pregnancy horror stories than I would prefer to hear (I get queasyyy), I have loved being here for these sweet babies and helping their mamas make this season of their lives a little easier.  I will gladly assume the glorified aunt role whenever I can.

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