Friday, May 12, 2017

Anniversary Week

Alright now that I've shared what we've done in our second year, I wanted to share how we celebrated last week! Our anniversary was the last day of April, right when school ended and it was time to move out of our apartment. My best friend/cousin was getting married in Utah the first week of May, so we decided to make our travels our anniversary trip!

We flew into Vegas, stayed at the Bellagio-which was wonderfully fancy but didn't have free breakfast so I still vote Holiday Inn- touristed around Vegas, went swimming, and ate some delicious food. The next day we took a shuttle up to St. George and hiked Angels Landing with some friends who live there. They are that perfect friend couple for us, where the husbands can just talk and talk about photography and cameras while me and Courtney with a "u" can get all caught up on life. Tayler invited his cute mom too, and we were all impressed by her fitness and her snacks when we got to the top.

Brief review of Angels Landing- it was hands down my favorite hike in the whole world, it did not seem difficult at all and it was so fun! I watched the video that went viral that made it look terrifying, like you were balancing on a thin ledge the whole time, but there were maybe 2 faintly scary parts.

We ended the week in my hometown where my beautiful cousin had her reception. It was the backyard wedding of Pinterest dreams, and it was so special to be back at the house I spent so many sleepovers at, and then seeing that same house host such a special event. I am so happy for her, but I'm also so happy our anniversaries will be a mere 7 days apart. ANNIVERSARY CRUISE HERE WE COME! Also I loved seeing my sweet friends again. And now for the photos!
^^why yes he was pretending to toss me over^^
Anniversary Trip Las Vegas
Las Vegas Bellagio Trip
Bellagio Vegas Stay
Blush Backyard Wedding Rustic
Mismatched Blush Bridesmaids
^^The cousins of 1994-1995^^
Thanks for the perfect trip perfect husband;)

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