Friday, November 27, 2015

Our First Thanksgiving Together

Thanksgiving Dinner Table
why yes that is a turkey sculpted out of butter
A drawback of not getting married first in your family is that there's a set rotation schedule for in-laws during the holidays. It's already been established: on even years we go here, on odd years we go there. Neither me or Tayler were married first in our families, so the schedules that our families have already set up perfectly contradict one another. Bummer huh?

I guess we'll figure out a plan for that problem later, but for this year's Thanksgiving we decided to join his family, the Peterson's. Assignments were made and I spent the night before in the kitchen, baking and hoping and praying that I wouldn't poison anyone with the pumpkin roll I'd signed up to bring. 

I followed the recipe carefully, even documenting the experience with pictures to reaffirm to myself that if millions of women on Pinterest could do it, I could do it too.

Long story short, I debated calling this post "The Time I Tried to Make a Pumpkin Roll for Thanksgiving and My Tears Became an Ingredient." I made two loaves and rolled them both the wrong way. As a result, the 'filling to pumpkin roll' ratio was horribly off. Like basically you'd be biting into a mouthful of pure cream cheese filling. So much for impressing the in-laws with my mad skills in the kitchen. 

The tricky part about making pumpkin rolls is that they have to be rolled into shape right after they get out of the oven, or else they'll crumble. Since my rolls had cooled, I was stuck.

After shedding a good dose of quiet tears about my failure as a homemaker, I mopped up my mascara and fixed the problem for the second roll, adding significantly less filling. It looked much better, so I was just hoping that one roll would be enough for everyone. Tayler was a great supporter/sugar-coater and kept insisting it would be delicious no matter what, but I had my doubts.

On Thanksgiving Day I brought The Mistake Roll too as a backup, but banished it to the back of my mother-in-laws fridge hoping no one would see it. I was dreading dessert time the whole time, which is unheard of for me. Luckily we had 20 cute nephews and nieces to distract us until that time came.

Dinner came and went with some delectable turkey and sweet potatoes, and then we had a talent show put on by all the nieces and nephews. We had piano and cello players, poem reciters, wrestlers, and one crazy quick Rubix cube solver:)

Aren't they all so cute? We are so fortunate to live closely to all of them. Tayler was a genius when we were dating and he would always take me on dates to visit them. If there's a better way to convince a girl you are future husband material I'd like to see it.

And then it was time for desserts. I just crossed my fingers we'd only need the one good pumpkin roll. When I sliced it up and laid it on a plate next to the pies, I was relieved. It fit in next to the pies pretty alright. 

Thank the heavens, one loaf fed the masses. And looking back now I'm wondering why I even stressed about it. Sometimes I forget that my in-law family is my family too. They aren't people to impress. They won't judge me. I know for a fact if I had showed up empty handed because of a kitchen mishap, I would've received hugs and reassurances not to worry, there's always plenty of pie to go around. And I'm especially grateful for that this year, a whole new family to love and be loved by.

Well I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Have a great weekend and enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit:) It's truly is the best time of the year. 

Also, I have a special Christmas Newlywed post I've been waiting to share, so feel free to come back and see soon!

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