Thursday, September 22, 2016

As of Late

A friend asked us to take some pictures for her a couple weeks ago, so we scoped out a spot and snapped some shots to see how it looked and I liked them too much not to share! Haha so here's a little update and some of our favorite things as of late.

1. 4 weeks into school, losing speed, money and motivation at alarming rates;) Tayler and I both tried to take heavier loads this semester in our attempt to graduated from college ASAP. We managed to have 3 classes together (hooray!) and we found a hidden room with a ping pong table in it, so I'm predicting good things will come of this semester. Or at least good ping pong.

2. We are employed! Magically we found a nice place to work that needed both of us, so we are now coworkers which is a fun little dynamic to add to our relationship. We are literally together all the time but I wouldn't have it any other way.

3. The caf. Also known as The Cafeteria. I have never stepped foot in a college cafeteria before last week when a friend treated me and Tayler and OH MY GOODNESS WHAT WERE YOU PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT. I've only heard bad things about the cafeteria food but how can anything be bad when you don't have to make it?! It's basically like living on a cruise ship-unlimited ice cream, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and chocolate milk. Shout out to anyone who has had a meal plan and not gained 78 million pounds because that would be me.

4. Our new Spot. Where we go to watch sunsets and listen to the other person's most recent song discoveries.  It's a 10 minute drive up the canyon, makes you forget words like "midterm" and "paper due by midnight," and goes nicely with a hatchback and a blanket. Snacks are always a bonus.
And that's a wrap! For future reference, I want to organize this little blog of mine a bit better so journal-ish update posts like this are going to be titled "As of Late." Enjoy responsibly Grandmas:)

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