Monday, June 20, 2016

An LDS Girl's Guide to Summer Clothing+Where I Get Modest Dresses

Summer is a tricky time for me. In my desire to keep myself modest and covered, things can get real toasty real quick as the layers stack up. I step out the door and by the time I get to the parking lot I'm dripping with sweat and trying to discreetly peel my clothing off my damp body to create some air flow. It's a sticky battle.

I want to throw out a disclaimer here and say that I'm certainly not a fashion blogger, but it's such a universal struggle among endowed women that I wanted to share the things I do to keep myself as cool as possible. So here's a list of the places I shop at as well as other tips!

WEAR DRESSES AND SKIRTS. A little breeze goes a long way;)

Old Navy dress, V-neck dress (comes in blue & white), Ross striped maxi 
If you've followed this blog for a while you know I love dresses! I used to get embarrassed when people asked me why I was "dressed up" but now I'm like why wouldn't I wear them every day? They're light, they cover both shoulders and knees, and they make people think you put more effort into your appearance than you did. How is this a bad plan??

Luckily there are tons of amazing LDS women with online boutiques out there who have got you covered (literally;)

My favorite places to get dresses are: Hot Commodesty, Piper and Scoot, and ShopStevie.  I've just recently discovered Roolee,  Ivy City Company, Called to Surf, Timber Clothing, and Lulubella which also carry a lot of modest options. Also, almost always has a special deal on knee length sundresses, I've snagged a few from there as well. As for brick and mortar stores, I love Ross, Old Navy, and Marshalls. 
Striped skirt similar, pencil skirt similar (under $8!!), Blush skirt
Skirts are also a great idea, and believe it or not they can be worn beyond Sunday! I just throw on a T-shirt to make it more casual. Sorry for the swimsuit strap in the first pic, sometimes that's also my pool outfit.


Stop wearing Carinessa. I know we all love them, but they are the worst for summer. DriSilque, Dri Lux, and mesh are more breezy options, especially for humid climates (helloooo Texas.) I found a handy list of garment fabric descriptions here for further reference.


Obviously the less you wear the better, but sometimes you need a cleavage cover-er or a shoulder hider. This is where half shirts come in.

Tank bras. (Wearing one with the blue shirt) Whenever I need a tank top for layering, I use one of these light cotton tops rather than a full on tank top. So I'm only wearing 2 1/2 layers rather than a horrible 3! Haha.

Crop tops. (Wearing with the maroon shirt) I'm sure you've all seen these at DownEast, but they are wonderful for shoulder and underarm exposure-that little peak of white you sometimes get with flowy tops. They follow the lines of scoop neck garments EXACTLY.

And for those who prefer shorts..

Personally I don't like jean shorts in the heat of summer because they are so hot and tight, but I've tried Old Navy bermudas, Kut from the Kloth, and Target shorts that have worked for me.

And that's all I've got for you! How do you stay cool in the summer? What are your favorite places to shop for modest clothing??

(If you are not LDS and you're like what is she talking about you can read more about garments here:)


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