Saturday, April 30, 2016

One Year of Marriage: I Thought I'd Figure It Out By Now

Happy Anniversary to us!! We just finished our America and the Enlightenment final-I know, who has finals on their first anniversary-so now we are headed off to Charlottesville to celebrate and go shopping. I'm going to try and convince Tayler to get a pedicure with me;) Wish me luck! 
I'm kind of freaking out, realizing that this is our first anniversary. We have been married for a YEAR. What the what? Can I even call myself a newlywed anymore? Do I lose all justifications for not being proficient in the kitchen? Which leads to the bigger questions--> What have I learned? How have I grown?

Basically one year of marriage has taught me this. 

I will never be an expert on marriage. Never! Not on our 5th anniversary, not on our 50th. Because nothing stays the same. In marriage, he's growing up and changing, I'm growing up and changing, our situations are growing and changing, and one strategy isn't always going to work. 

I'm sure I will always click on the link to those "57 ways to love your husband" or "14 things that are hurting your marriage" posts. Because I am fully aware that I'll never stop learning how to love him best. 

Anyways, I made this little document for our scrapbook to commemorate our first year, so I thought I'd share it with you all. If you can't read it in the picture, don't fret I typed it below as well. 

Shows We Watched: Agents of Shield, Fixer Upper, Turn, Quantico, The Bachelor, The Voice, Shark Tank

Places We Went: England, France, Germany, Austria, New Mexico, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington D.C, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania

Restaurants We Loved: Kneaders, JJ's Meat Shack, Macado's, Cafe Rio, One Man Band

Things We Did: Went to Europe on our Honeymoon, both worked for Springville Dermatology, bought a Fiat, zip lined in Park City, hiked to Calf Creek Falls, Tayler made the UVU baseball team but decided to play for Southern Virginia University, moved across the country, Cortney started school again, took three classes together, made some couple friends, got called to be Nursery Leaders, maintained our pre-marriage weight, started playing tennis. 

Favorite Homemade Meals: Tomato Basil Chicken, Pesto Tortelleni, Crockpot Chicken Fajitas, Shepherd's Pie, Peanut butter sandwiches, Crepes

Favorite Treats: Cadbury eggs, Tillamook Salted Carmel Ice Cream, Cookie Butter from Trader Joe's, Chips and Homemade Dip, No Bake Cookies

Favorite Things to Do: trips to Costco for free samples, walks in the evening, movies with snacks, photography, baseball.

Things Learned About Each Other: Tayler gags when he brushes his teeth-repeatedly. Cortney will drive hours for a Cafe Rio pork burrito. Tayler steals the covers. Cortney is very generous except for when it comes to sharing chocolate or restaurant leftovers. Tayler sleep talks. Cortney inhales peanut butter. Tayler is fine dealing with hot and cold temperatures outside while Cortney freaks out, but Cortney is fine freezing/sweating inside the house to avoid utilities which makes Tayler freak out. Tayler gives amazing back massages. Cortney prefers baking sweet treats rather than healthy dinners.  Tayler is a cup stealer.
It's been a crazy year, it's been a hard year, it's been my favorite year yet. Being married=two thumbs way way up. 

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