Tuesday, March 15, 2016

To My Young Husband

Today is my husband's 24th birthday. Wolf whistlllllle. Hot dang we are about this close to being able to rent a car at a normal rate. So in honor of good husbands, I wrote the sappy-est of sappy posts. You have been warned.

Cute husband of mine, I am amazed by you. I know it's hard being married so young, especially being the man. I know that as soon as we said those marital vows, a huge dollop of responsibility was dropped onto your sturdy shoulders.  All the sudden you're the provider, the protector, the spider killer and the jar-opener, responsible for a family.

I just wanted you to know, I see you. I see the patience you have when I'm backseat driving. I see you risking your back on those nights when I crash on the couch and you stoop down and carry me to bed. I notice how you never call me out when I buy another pair of shoes after making you buy margarine instead of butter to save money. I see how sweet you are with the 2 year olds in our nursery class at church. I know your arm must be numb when it's tucked around me even when you deny it.  I see the struggles you face and overcome as you balance your time between baseball and school and needy me. I notice how you save me the most chocolatey part of your ice-cream and the last bite of your hamburger. I see the sacrifices you make and the selflessness you show every day.

I see how well you do it all.  And I'm thrilled that I get to be the one to celebrate all of your birthdays with you.

Happy happy birthday love.

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