Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentines Weekend

Oh Valentines. Aren't you just the cutest holiday. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Apparently we had a little too much chocolate in the Peterson home, because as I said on my Instagram I woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking that I had a chocolate chip in my hand. Obviously if you have a chocolate chip in your hand you automatically pop it into your mouth, but when I tried my teeth hit metal and I realized my "chocolate chip" was actually my engagement ring turned backwards! Haha I love it when I have chocolate hallucinations and try to eat the most expensive thing I own. Oh bother.

Anyway, the rest of our weekend went like this!

Ours was a simple celebration. We went out to eat on Saturday, made cookies together in the kitchen, and watched a movie at home. On Valentines Day I gave him new socks for baseball and he gave me a standing mirror, so that I don't have to do the awkward "stand on the edge of the bathtub to see how your whole outfit looks" routine.

Both gifts were simple, both thoughtful, both closer to needs rather than wants.

Tayler wrote me the sweetest note about how he knew it wasn't much, but he hoped I liked it and that he was excited for the coming years when he could "truly spoil" me.

Because we are penny pinching at the moment. And probably will be for the next few years honestly. We are trying to spend as little as possible because school is expensive and life is expensive, and we are realizing that things get a little tough when both of you are students.

Last night we had a special dinner and program for the newlyweds in our church, with the bishop of our ward leading it. He talked about the importance of equality in marriage, honor and respect. And it was a great talk. But what he said by way of introduction stood out to me more than the message he had carefully rehearsed. Specifically he said, "We have been where you are."

I don't know why this resonated with me, but it did. It sounded hopeful to me. It reminded me that these days of worry and financial struggle won't last forever. That the majority of married couples in this world start at the bottom, in little old apartments with new wedding dishes and work their way up through life together, living on crockpot dinners and a hopeful kind of love.

I'm so grateful for my cute husband and the support he constantly gives me. He's forever building me up and helping me to accomplish the things I go after and I love him for it. I'm grateful to have gotten married when I did, because I know that he has helped me to grow into a better person than I would have become otherwise.

So here's to hope and love and all good things.  Have a great week my friends:)


  1. This is such an adorable post - you're such a sweet couple! I think the best gifts are thoughtful, personal ones rather than something cliche but you'll never use or look at again! Although my other half and I aren't married, we're saving pennies too and I completely understand what you're struggling with, but you're right - it wont last forever!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

    1. Thank you so much Mel!! Isn't there such a refreshing hope in that it won't last?! It's funny how my fantasies have gone from I want a three story house to I really would just love a nice new rug in our house:) So smart to be pinching pennies now, even without being married! Thanks for stopping by!